‘VAR needs to go’; ‘Crazy substitutions killed the wonderful work done’

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We asked for your views on Aberdeen’s 3-2 defeat at home to PAOK in the Europa Conference League.

Here’s what some of you said:

David: I am all in favour of technology but when it doesn’t come up to standard, either get it sorted or scrap it. Even the Greek supporters in the hospitality box behind us thought we should have had a penalty, they had the benefit of seeing a replay of the foul which seems VAR didn’t.

Mark: I understand that the pressing game leaves players tired, however, surely three substitutions at the same time kills the momentum of a team as they try to adapt to those changes. Barry Robson’s a young manager with a good career ahead of him and we have to accept that he’ll get some things right and some wrong. Strength in depth remains a weakness for Aberdeen.

William: It’s a bit sickening to lose so late from 2-0 up but we have no one but ourselves to blame. The defending for POAK’s first two goals was school playground at best and we let them back in. This is a steep learning curve at a level where every mistake is punished, we keep getting ourselves on the wrong side of tight margins.

James: As in tennis and cricket perhaps a manager challenge to request VAR should be allowed. They all have their own screen during the game.

Ian: Once again we have seen massive inconsistencies with VAR. I don’t see how anyone with the ability to look at the challenge on Jack MacKenzie via a replay cannot see that it’s 100% a penalty and Aberdeen have been cheated by poor officiating.

Dick: It was a dreary first half but things picked up after that. Aberdeen scored two quality goals and were in complete control. The new formation hadn’t warmed up after the three-man substitution, and POAK scored. The Greeks were a slick team but weren’t bothering the Aberdeen defence. A slip and goal number two. How they gave away the penalty is beyond belief.

Callum: We were outstanding for 70 minutes, why does Robson continue to make the same mistakes with subs? Bringing on players that are not playing well doesn’t make sense. We should have won that game and we should have had a penalty. VAR needs to go.

David: Robson totally messed it up with the three subs that weren’t needed when the team was doing good at the time. Some of his decisions this season have been totally wrong.

Paul: Robson took off the best player on the pitch and our two goalscorers, he is responsible.

Niall: It was a really reckless and needless final quarter for the Dons. Having established a strong position, the three-man substitution inexplicably affected the solid formation and this type of capitulation is a really sore outcome for the Red Army. At this level, Slobodan Rubezic needs much more composure in his approach, as this wasn’t his first crucial foul conceded.

Jupiter: We have to get a proper manager, Robson is an over promoted caretaker who doesn’t know what he is doing, his stupid subs cost us the game.

Fred: Three crazy substitutions killed the wonderful work done, I’m so disappointed in the manager, why change the three best players on the night? Duk should definitely have been left on the bench, he is off the pace completely, we now need to hope for a big series of results domestically.

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