WATCH: Acrobat preps for high-wire walk

{“duration”:”1:27″,”description”:”Nik Wallenda is ready to walk across a wire 25 stories above New York City on live TV. About 250 feet beneath that wire, ABC News’ Will Ganss reports.”,”mediaType”:”default”,”section”:”ABCNews/WNN”,”id”:”63804150″,”title”:”Acrobat preps for high-wire walk”,”url”:”/WNN/video/acrobat-preps-high-wire-walk-63804150″}

Transcript for Acrobat preps for high-wire walk

A wired just three quarters of an inch thick 25 stories above Times Square. Stretching over five New York City blocks its nickel Linda’s latest high flying and death defying tight rope walk he’s already crossed Niagara Falls. And the Grand Canyon with no safety harness. Went their way worse than I expected. But now nick and his sister Leon assets Lockett thirteen hundred foot tight — starting at opposite ends of Times Square and meeting in the middle. This time in a heart of Manhattan. Nick on hand as 100 rigors and two cranes shut down Times Square to set up the high life. It was definitely. Probably the most difficult Reagan I’ve ever had to do you just because of all the pedestrians underneath and then all the obstacles of the city. This latest stunt coming only two years after this. Anthony the flying will lend its crashing thirty feet to the ground during a practice in Florida. Liotta suffering severe injuries to her face not getting back up on the wire until now. Putting her life on the line literally along with nick on live TV this Sunday night. But Weyers said inspiration coming from you know it is it it’s just life make maggert grandfathers that life is on the wire everything else is just waiting for us. Through waiting and practicing four to five hours a day at a facility down in Florida ready to tackle one more death defying feat. 250. Feet above Times Square.

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