Watch Summer Solstice 2021 from Stonehenge Free Online Facebook

Watch Summer Solstice 2021 from Stonehenge Free Online Facebook

Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year for individuals living in the Northern Hemisphere, including the United Kingdom.

Recently, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson postponed the lifting of COVID-19 limitations, which cap the greatest measure of individuals allowed at any outside occasion to 4,000. Given the quantity of individuals going to the Summer Solstice festivities has reached more than 30,000 lately, coordinators have chosen to drop the occasion.

What is the exact time of the summer solstice?

It’s at 03:32 UTC on Monday, June 21, 2021, which translates to 11:32 p.m. EDT and 8:32 p.m. PDT on Sunday, June 20, 2021.

Summer Solstice 2021 Events

Stonehenge attracts huge crowds for the summer solstice, an event that starts on the evening before, June 20th, and culminates with the sunrise of the morning of June 21st, which falls at 4.52am. Sunset on the previous evening will be at 21.26pm.

Please note that parking is limited at the site and the surrounding roads can be a nightmare so from personal experience I very much recommend the local bus service that leaves form Salisbury station and takes you directly to the site for a very reasonable price.

Summer Solstice 2021 Social & Streaming Free

There is a free live stream from Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice 2021 this year Online here: Stonehenge summer solstice live stream

Hotels and Accommodation

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