What will happen to the Afghan women's cricket team?

What will happen to the Afghan women's cricket team?

The eyes of the whole world are now on Afghanistan. And the ICC (International Cricket Council) is looking at cricket in Afghanistan. According to cricket website CricketBuzz, members of the Afghan Cricket Board (ACB) in Kabul are in constant touch from the ICC headquarters in Dubai. The ICC understands that the impact of Afghanistan's political upheaval on cricket is well underway.

The biggest challenge facing the Afghan board now is to keep women's cricket in the country. In recent times, the Afghan women's team has become increasingly strong.

In 2020, for the first time, the Afghan board brought 25 women cricketers under a central contract. Since then, the look of the country's women's national team has changed.

However, the ICC is worried about the future of Afghan women's cricket after the Taliban seized power. A member of the ICC's women's cricket wing said: 'That was a huge development. But we do not know what will happen now.

As a rule, it is mandatory for a full member country of the ICC to have a women's national team. However, the Taliban are opposed to women going out of the house, where cricket is a far cry.

Shafiqullah Stanikzai, the former chief executive of the Afghan board, is optimistic, however, that 'Afghanistan's cricket originated from a refugee camp. From there we have come a long way. We have achieved full membership of the ICC with very limited capacity. My hope and prayer is that this progress of Afghan cricket will not stop. Cricket is more than just a game for us. '