'White Lives Matter' Flies to Man City Stadium

'White Lives Matter' Flies to Man City Stadium

Former United States basketball player George Floyd was assassinated a few days ago for being black. Since then, the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ has been used as the slogan of the anti-apartheid movement around the world.

The team lost 5–0 to Manchester City. However, not because of the outcome of the match, but because of the embarrassment of the players and officials of the English Premier League club Burnley. Before the start of the match, the players of the club announced their solidarity with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement on the field. Shortly afterward, a pro-Burnley protester flew over Etihad Stadium with a “White Lives Matter” banner.

However, the disaster occurred a little later. Soon after the start of the game, a banner with a different slogan was seen flying in the sky of Etihad Stadium. It read, “White Lives Matter Burnley.”

The players and officials of Burnley Club were embarrassed during the game. The captain of the team also said that such incidents have affected the game.

Burnley later formally apologized for the incident, saying, “Burnley strongly condemns those who flew this eye-catching banner. Those involved will not be allowed to enter Turf Murray (Burnley Field). We apologize unconditionally to the Premier League, Manchester City, and all those involved in the Blob Lives Matter movement.