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Salman Khan is in his 50s but the superstar still is one of the most popular actors and is certainly very fit. However, for some reasons, he has lately been flaunting his fitness a lot on social media.

Salman, who recently played an old man’s role among other avatars in Bharat, has been posting a lot of videos on Instagram, exhibiting his fitness. First, he posted a workout video that showed him performing a leg exercise with two men’s weight on the equipment.

Next, Salman posted another gym video in which he was seen showcasing his flexibility. The handsome hunk then shared a video that showed him perfectly pulling off back-flip in a swimming pool.

The next video showed him carrying a man on his shoulder. Salman then took the notch even higher by racing with a horse. Yes, he recently posted a video on Instagram that showed him racing with a horse, and apparently winning it. He captioned the video, “Overpower horse power”.

And in the latest photo, the Bharat actor is seen showcasing his flexibility by displaying a full stretch.

While there is no denying the fact that Salman is still extremely fit even at 53, it is interesting to see him suddenly flaunting the same rigorously on social media. He used to post gym pictures and videos earlier as well, but it was never in such regular intervals.

Although Salman has a huge fan-base, he also has a set of haters, who often make negative comments on him, including remarks on his growing age. Is the superstar trying to shut those haters up by displaying his fitness? Well, we leave it for you to guess.

Meanwhile, his latest release Bharat crossed Rs 200 crore mark at the Indian box office and is being called a hit. Despite receiving a mixed response from critics, the movie did well at the commercial circuits, proving his stardom.

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