Widespread 911 Outages Are Reported in Four States and Las Vegas


A large-scale outage is affecting residents’ ability to call the 911 emergency number in Las Vegas and southern Nevada, parts of Nebraska and Texas, and the entire state of South Dakota, according to local authorities.

In Las Vegas, calls to 911 on landline phones and mobile phones were not connecting, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said on social media at about 7:30 p.m. However, dispatchers could see attempts to make calls from mobile phones and would call residents back, the police said, adding that texts to 911 were still going through.

Calls to the Las Vegas police’s nonemergency phone line were also impacted, the department said, adding that it was unclear when services would be restored.

The outage was also affecting southern Nevada, the Nevada State Police said.

Outages were also reported by the local police departments of Dundy County, Neb., Kearney County, Neb., Howard County, Neb., Fremont, Neb., and Del Rio, Texas.

The South Dakota Department of Public Safety said on social media that the outage was affecting residents throughout the entire state. In most parts of the state, residents could still text 911, and call their local police and county sheriff offices on their nonemergency phone lines, the department said.

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