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World Health Organization app will tell the location of the COVID-19 patient

World Health Organization app will tell the location of the COVID-19 patient

Kanyu Kisbe
Kanyu Kisbe

This new Corona program will inform you whether he’s infected with Corona by signaling the individual’s place on Google Earth Map.

This program will inform the consumer exactly what hygiene principles and precautions to follow along. The program will even notify the consumer beforehand regarding the resistance of the human body, just how far he is out of the containment zone if the consumer has to be analyzed for spit etc..

WHO considers that coronavirus disease may be controlled with the support of this program.
The new program, now set to be established below the title “WHO MyHealth,” was initially proposed by a group of volunteer experts who’ve shaped what they are calling the”WHO COVID App Collective.” The group is composed of former Google and Microsoft workers and WHO advisers and ambassadors, together with other industry specialists.

As stated by the current development roadmap, the team plans for its first, ancient version of this WHO MyHealth program to start both Android and iOS on Monday, March 30th. However, because the WHO program has been assembled as open source, we could become hands-on with an early work-in-progress edition of the program, which mostly contains precisely the identical COVID-19 related information found from the business’s current WhatsApp chatbot.

Kanyu Kisbe

Kanyu Kisbe is a admin and founder of Kanyu is great writer, editor and good sports columnist.