World Women’s Curling Championships 2022: Live stream, Date, Time, Schedule, TV Channel

World Women’s Curling Championships 2022 Live Stream

The 2022 World Women’s Curling Championships is going to be held from March 19-20 at the CN Centre in Prince George, Canada. There will be twenty sessions of round-robin play, commencing on Saturday 19 March and concluding on Friday 25 March. This will determine the top six teams on the rankings.

Event Details

Date: March 19–27
Where: Prince George, Canada
TV Channel: TSN
Live Stream: Gamepass

The organization for the Championship got back to a thirteen group cooperative effort went against to the fourteen groups equipped for the 2021 World Women's Curling Championship. The best six groups equipped for the season finisher round where the main two groups got a bye while the excess four played the first round. The no-tick rule will be appeared interestingly at a World Championship competition.

World Women’s Curling Championships 2022 Participating Teams

Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and United States.

World Women’s Curling Championships 2022 Live Stream TV Channel

TSN/RDS2, the official broadcast partners of Curling Canada’s Season of Champions, will provide live coverage of Canada’s round-robin games.

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2022 World Women’s Curling Championships Draw Schedule

Draw 1: Saturday, March 19

Canada vs Italy
Sweden vs Turkey
Czech Republic vs United States
South Korea vs Norway

Draw 2: Saturday, March 19

Denmark vs Germany
Canada vs Norway
Scotland vs Switzerland
Japan vs Turkey

Draw 3: Sunday, March 20

Switzerland vs Sweden
Germany vs South Korea
Italy vs Japan
Scotland vs Czech Republic

Draw 4: Sunday, March 20

South Koreavs Czech Republic
United States vs Italy
Turkey vs Canada
Sweden vs Denmark

Draw 5: Sunday, March 20

Japan vs United States
Denmark vs Scotland
Norway vs Germany
Switzerland vs Canada

Draw 6: Monday, March 21

Italy vs Norway
Czech Republic vs Sweden
Japan vs Scotland

Draw 7: Monday, March 21

Czech Republic vs Germany
Turkey vs Switzerland
Canada vs Denmark
United States vs South Korea

Draw 8: Monday, March 21

Scotland vs Sweden
Norway vs United States
Switzerland vs Italy
Germany vs Japan

Draw 9: Tuesday, March 22

Sweden vs Italy
South Korea vs Scotland
Denmark vs Turkey

Draw 10: Tuesday, March 22

Germany vs United States
Japan vs Canada
Denmark vs Czech Republic
Norway vs Switzerland

Draw 11: Tuesday, March 22

Turkey vs Norway
Scotland vs Germany
Sweden vs Japan
Italy vs South Korea

Draw 12: Wednesday, March 23

Switzerland vs Czech Republic
South Korea vs Denmark
United States vs Turkey
Canada vs Sweden

Draw 13: Wednesday, March 23

Japan vs Denmark
Switzerland vs United States
Germany vs Italy
Norway vs Scotland

Draw 14: Wednesday, March 23

Sweden vs South Korea
Italy vs Turkey
Scotland vs Canada
Czech Republic vs Japan

Draw 15: Thursday, March 24

United States vs Canada
Norway vs Czech Republic
Denmark vs Switzerland
Turkey vs Germany

Draw 16: Thursday, March 24

Italy vs Scotland
Germany vs Sweden
Japan vs Norway
South Korea vs Switzerland

Draw 17: Thursday, March 24

Czech Republic vs Turkey
Canada vs South Korea
United States vs Sweden
Denmark vs Italy

Draw 18: Friday, March 25

Norway vs Denmark
Switzerland vs Japan
Canada vs Germany
Scotland vs United States

Draw 19: Friday, March 25

South Korea vs Japan
Turkey vs Scotland
Italy vs Czech Republic
Sweden vs Norway

Draw 20: Friday, March 25

Germany vs Switzerland
United States vs Denmark
Turkey vs South Korea
Czech Republic vs Canada