Worst person you know sharing inspirational quotes again

THE worst person you have ever met is once again posting images with inspirational quotes over them on your social media feed. 

The person, who is lazy, ignorant and hateful to others, has already today posted calls to work hard to achieve your dreams, never stop learning and to open your heart to show how much love is there.

Mutual friend Susan Traherne said: “When you’ve just come off a blazing row with someone about homelessness being all homeless people’s fault, it really rankles to check your phone and see them quoting Buddha.

“Also I don’t think ‘You know when you’re in love because your reality is finally better than your dreams’ sounds like the kind of thing Einstein would say. Prove me wrong.

“The thing is, when they’re not sharing the importance of a positive mindset they’re a spiteful, bigoted gossip, openly hateful about anyone briefly out of earshot. Really we should be posting the quotes to them.”

Psychologist Dr Helen Archer said: “There is a direct link between posting ‘Make your life your masterpiece’ over a black-and-white image of a mountain and being a tw*t.

“Maybe following advice like that makes you a tw*t? I don’t know. I just scroll past it.”

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