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WWE Appearance For Ronda Rousey Revealed

WWE Appearance For Ronda Rousey Revealed

Ronda Rousey was off from WWE programming because she participates in the primary event WrestleMania 35 this past year, and lovers have been interested in a possible return date to its Baddest Woman on Earth.

But where the hell is she? Rousey has not emerged on WWE TV because of that contentious reduction to Becky Lynch at a triple-threat game with Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 35. And that has been April 2019.

Most importantly, WrestleMania 36 was the very first WrestleMania to be held more than two nights and also the first to occur with enthusiasts in attendance, both a consequence of the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

Levesque said that he had been”very satisfied” with the way the event performed under the exceptional conditions, mentioning the astonishingly well-received”cinematic games” as illustrations of exactly what the marketing had done correctly.

“I was really happy,” Levesque said. “I believe fans were really happy and appeared to get a fantastic interest at the event. Being completely distinct, without the lovers there but nevertheless being amusing, we did some things which were entirely distinct. The cinematic games of this Boneyard Match along with the Firefly Fun House were loved. So, I think overall it was a really successful WrestleMania and totally distinct from any WrestleMania ever but overall quite profitable. I thought it was fantastic.”

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